Welcome to the UT Navigators

The Navigators are an interdenominational community of students seeking to know Christ and to make Him known.  We are ordinary peope desiring for God to use our lives in extraordinary ways.  We believe that God wants to use our ministry at UT to reach the world.

Small Group Bible Studies

We offer men and women small group Bible Studies throughout the week!  Whether you've studied the Bible before or have never opened the book, come and learn alongside other students.  We are inductively studying the book of Galatians.  Does God give us eternal life because of our works, or because of the work of Jesus?  That question is at the heart of the book of Galatians.  This study explores some of the most essential concepts of the Christian faith including the essence of the gospel, the purpose of the Law, our identity as a child of God and walking in the Spirit (Grace Bible Church, grace-bible.org).  Find a Bible Study that fits into your schedule under the GET CONNECTED tab.

You're invited to join the

Joshua Team

Joshua Team is a six-week leadership program designed to develop your spiritual leadership, discipline and vision. God equipped and guided Joshua to courageously lead the Israelites after Moses, and he was known for “following the Lord fully” (NUMBERS 32:12). Through Joshua Team, you will be equipped to follow the Lord fully and to boldly live out your faith in your every day life.  For more info, go to the Joshua Team page under the GET CONNECTED tab.

Every Thursday at 7:30pm in the Eastwoods Room (in the Union).  This semester, our guest speakers will be teaching over one of Jesus' most reknown sermons, the "Sermon on the Mount."  Come hear what Jesus said about what it truly means to follow Him!

Already making plans for next summer?  Here's one option to consider!

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